Little confusion with instrument deletion

Just a little confuse about tracks and instrument deletion. I’ve included a pic. Upon deletion of an instrument, all instruments shift up in the lane while in the pattern editor I am left with an empty pattern with no instrument. Why?

4929 Image1.jpg

Tracks and Instruments are not hard linked together in the way you might be thinking.

You do not necessarily need to put Instrument 01’s notes on Track 01, for example.

Deleting Instrument 01 will not cause Track 01 to disappear, and vice versa.

I understand that I can use all the instruments in one track, however, I think when deleting an instrument, all the rest should not be bumped to top. Instead just leave an empty spot so we could insert another instrument. No?
Or can this behavior be adjusted somewhere in the preferences?
Well, I’ve deleted the first track in the pattern editor and that took care of everything.

It’s called ‘Clear’, and will leave the notes untouched.
Use right-click, or press SHIFT+Delete when instr. list is focused :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes that makes sense.