Little Guido Gettin Tipsy In Da Clubz...…s_the_clubs.wmv

oops sorry- I didn’t mean to make a big ass download… you can stream it here……_the_clubs.html

I get the parody, but it’s just half-funny. Punk ass kid acting like an idiot, wee!

I like little punk ass kids… and he’s f****ing funny. Not everything in the world has to be intellectualy stimulating or witty- and for a little punk acting like an idiot, I’d have to say he’s pretty satirical- he had me on the floor laughing, I felt like I was back in New York for a second.

I lost it when I heard him say “…you see that girl over there, she wants my salsiccia!”

That is some kinda shit someone in my family would say.

I guess that’s kinda sad. hahaha

Second time I almost passed out was the deca and sustanon comments.