little "sound study" video - high impact sounds

Hey folks!

I collected some sounds outside and made a “sound study”-video about it. I’m using renoise in this video. You can see the spectrum analyser, sampler and convolver from renoise in the video. I made it for a portfolio making an application for the “sound arts” study in bern. Of course I would be pleased to get feedback.

Pretty cool, I like that it’s not too self-serious.

very nice, the action way to generate sounds…let’s hope the m50 protected your ears well enough from the fender amp…can I have that sample pretty please?

thanks a lot for your comments on the video! :slight_smile:

I really had in-ear ear plugs in my ears AND the m50 … it was really loud! I can give you the .xrns file. You can use everything you will find for youre own projects:

thank you very much, I will study the sounds when I find the time for, and I’ll give you a ping if I use them somehow :slight_smile:

those mad transients because of the high volume…