Little tiny workflow improvement for percentage <-> dB conv.


I think it would be helpful, if you could generally switch any Renoise native dsp parameter which uses percentage to dB, by right-clicking on the value display.

For example a common scenario:

For composition, I quickly inserted a reverb, so as an insert. it has 48,4% wet amount. Now I wanna put it into a send. But the send device send knob is using dB. So I need to convert that 48,4% to dB first, which is-6.303093dB. So obviously, I cannot calc this easily by mind. Well, maybe you? :slight_smile: So, simply a switch, leaving the default untouched.

At least for the send device + gainer, this would be veryconvenient.


A closely related request in spoiler below:

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Make valueboxes act like a calculator in general, allowing inputs like:

  1. 32 + 16

  2. “*1.5” (multiplies current value by1.5), “/10” (divides current value by 10), “+16” (adds 16 to current value)

I did a stupid LUA hack for tool valueboxes that will at least allow inputs like “16 + 12”, and it’s quite convenient in some cases. Trackers deal with numbers, don’t they?

tonumber = function(val) -- allowing user inputs like "32-8" (while disregarding nonsense input)
          local func = loadstring("return " .. val)
          if func then
            -- 0.111 stuff, ad hoc to deal with calls to unknown variables in loadstring
            local f_env = { }
            setmetatable(f_env, { __index = function() return 0.111 end })
            setfenv(func, f_env)
            val = func()
            return (val == math.floor(val)) and val -- filtering the 0.111 stuff