Little Trick For Live Mashing

I can’t show you a screenshot or an xrns for personal reasons. Here is a text description though.

So here goes.

You will need: a drum loop (use appropriate 09xx) or non-homogenous pattern spread over 16 patterns of suitable lenght (lets say 4 lines). Duplicate this into a new track.

Make one of these tracks “live” by having it audible and the other “repository” by turning down the post FX volume.

loop the block of 16 tracks

To some of these patterns add effects in pattern editor (EG reverse, slow down, whatever you want) copy each of these to a clipboard you can remember (look up how to use clipboards hotkeys). now use delete key to remove these pattern effects - ie. keep everything in your clipboards!

While the track is looping with pattern follow switched off, see if you can quickly ctrl-drag from “repository” into slots in “live”. Probably a good idea to only copy from repository to live.

Switch to pattern editor to paste effects from clipboards into the patterns in repository.

Remember to use undo and redo for fast reversion.

Combine with XY pad to your favourite effects and imaginitive use of signal follower.

Add 2.5 + registration for yule tide cheer XXXXXXOOOOXXXX


Ok I actually tried this briefly.
It’s not very easy after all. Better to change 09xx values on the fly.

yeah i tried this yesterday,as you say its not that easy :D

It actually sucks :lol:
I was sure it was gonna be the new vectory :rolleyes: