Live automation

Just trying to understand how automation is supposed to work…

I see that you can right click any slider to create automation. What this seems to do is write the current value of the slider to the current selected step in the fx column.

Is it possible to take this to the next logical step and record movement “live” so that the values get recorded into the fx column on the fly as I move the slider during live recording? I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work as expected.

Am I going about it the wrong way?

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Make sure you enable “Follow Player Position”. It’s the button to the right of the play/record controls at the top of the screen. Then you can right-click and record record effect parameters live.

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yup - that’s exactly what I would have expected to happen, however here’s me

I notice your slider goes red, whereas mine doesn’t…

is there something I need to add to my installation?

Thats from the gif recorder it does not go red in Renoise.You must right click not left click so Renoise will know you want to record automation

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Oh I see!! right-click-drag, NOT right click, then left-click-drag — what a fool I’ve been :frowning:

Thanks for setting me straight!!

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No problem we have all been there :smiley:

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Cheers… it does raise an interesting question - what if I was using a midi controller (I haven’t gotten around to plugging mine in yet) - how would I tell the program I want to record the automation rather than just make an adjustment?

Map the controller first then hit record and play.When record button is on the mapped controller automation is recorded



Simple as that! Brilliant… look forward to some knob-twiddling :slight_smile:


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