Live Beatboxing

Can anyone in here tell me what equipment is required to pull off things like this:

If not the exact equipment he is using, something that takes care of the same thing.

I’m an amateur-awful-but-love-it-and-that’s-all-that-counts beatboxer and would like to do something like this.


Lotsa KP3’s. :)

I think he uses the korg kaoss pad and a loop station.
Check out dubfx on youtube as well :)

Here you go:
“I have one KAOSS Pad going into a Boss RC50, I’ve got a mic that goes into a mixer that then goes into a digital mixer, through some compression, which then comes out of the mixer into a KAOSS Pad. That then goes back into the mixer, which then goes into the RC50, which then goes into two other KAOSS Pads. The output of the first KAOSS Pad bypasses the RC50 and goes into the second KAOSS Pad.”

anyone knows how to achieve something similar in software?

woah, thanks for sharing… that beardyman has got some mad skillz…
great show :yeah:

yeah, this is a really excellent one, thanks!

as for how its done… coopr has it covered. but i think you could do something similar with lots of different stuff. you want some looping you can layer basically, with effects. i’m sure once you get a basic setup down you can develop it and have lots of fun with it.

Ableton Live is the software of choice for live looping, but you can technically do it in any host that has tempo synced delay if you know how.

Yes definitely better than the first show I saw from him.

i would highly suggest Max/MSP for this. Jamie Lidell, who uses just his voice in his live shows, uses a simple 5 track max/msp patch he wrote, which he runs out through a mackie mixer with a few effects hooked up, and an MPC with some samples loaded in for good measure. He has a MIDI keyboard which is hooked up to the patch to punch in and punch out recording loops and sonically fuck up his on the fly loops in all sorts of ways.

Max/MSP is great for this, because you can create your software in anyway you want. It would be very possible to do it in Ableton Live, but I think max/msp is definitely a more perfect solution for it, because you can decide how the software works, not the other way around.

Max/MSP is known to have a steep learning curve, but 2 days of basic usage and going through their simple built in tutorials would allow you knock up a simple patch for this. You could get it to do lots of crazy things you definitely couldn’t do with a couple of kaoss pads.

A couple of years ago I saw a video on the 'net where a couple of guys explained what equipment they used and how they used it. I tried to find that one again for ya, but no luck. :(

Audiomulch ,loop recorder contraption is awesome and just made for those purposses

Are you serious ? YOu must be verry smart , I demoed it for 30 days and now I’m just beginning to see the basic logic behind max …

yes you could use max/msp, it is brilliant for this sort of thing. however for most people i’d expect you’d need more than 2 days to learn it well enough… the patch would probably take a couple of days to make if you already know how to use max/msp. it’s worthwhile to get into but if you want a quick fix there are easier ways for sure.

I know max/msp is suited for this …but like you said …you have to be an experienced user to make an Max patch set up for live loopig .
A newbie max user will not be able to do this in 2 days time …;that said …I really enjoyed messing around in max/loving that new patch layout …demo is over now …and 500 euro .WOW. ( yes pure data is free but that interface kinda kills it for me )

That video is almost an hour long, would of helped if you said which bits you were talking about! Generally he uses a microphone and his mouth/vocal cords :P

On that note: Anybody know how you get hour long videos on Youtube? Seen a few but usually you’re limited to 10mins or so…