Live Control - A Feature For Live Performances

I dunno if anybody misses a kind of on-the-fly control over your songs but… That’s all I need, personally, to stop rendering all my songs in the end and reconstructing them in BUZZ in order to be able to jump/loop and navigate through them while playing live!

I mean, seriously, this is not so fancy a feature to implement, with all the XML bindings and stuff. But it would literally mean a world to me (and to other people who need a really crafty tool for live performances, not a total weirdo like ableton or whatever).

Like this, I just wanna bind some keys to do the following on-the-fly:

a) jump to a certain sequencer position
b.) toggle and select predefined sequencer loops (i.e. key 1 = loop 1, [songpos 1-2-3]; key 2 = loop 2, [pos 5-6] etc)
c) toggle "follow song’
d) toggle and select a “follow-up quantization” - a number of rows the current seq/position is supposed to play before jumping to a new position after I pushed a jump-key.

I am a registered Renoise user and i intend to stay that way. But these features IMHO are quite necessary and they would turn Renoise into a dream-machine! :guitar:

I just hope that people who suggested it before will agree with my additions to the suggested feature.

So, you mean… They ARE part of the plan, right? Those assignable live-jump thingies? :dribble: