Live Improvised Jazz With Electronics

this is a recording from an improvised session with bass drum (played by me), sax and an automated electronics patch of my own design built in max/msp.

the recording is an initial experiment, the key problems at present are that the bass drum doesn’t come through in stereo, it clips slightly and the saturation on the effects like delay are a little too persistent. these are things which i’ve hopefully corrected in the patch for the next session we do.

feedback is welcome. also i have a standalone of the patch if anyone is interested to try it out them pm me.

Wow, that was a trip on Tumbledown Lane :walkman:

doesnt load… :(

hmm. i keep hearing this from people, that my links don’t work. but they should do… can you try it again? i mean its there and i tested it at this end. it worked for you BotB right?