Live Mode (dub Style)

do you think it would be cool at the flick of a switch, you’d enter live mode, this is where you can assign the tracks ‘active’ / ‘off’ to toggle on a press of any note key.

so like, say you got a nice jam going on, a repeated loop of just 1 pattern. then you hit somthing like ‘assisgn track active/off to midi’ and either using your keyboard or midi keyboard you can toggle on off tracks, C1 being track1, C# being track2 etc etc… it would just be cool for live jams I think. there’s no other way of doing this is there. :drummer:

you could automate the track volume slider with a MIDI controller

i think it would be cool if renoise could be (dont know how i can explain this)a little more geared for also to be used as a live tool