Live multi-track recording & editing

I’m most likely not the only one who’d have use for such, but still very likely in the vast minority. Nevertheless: are there any plans of making Renoise the powerhose of my dreams? For starters I’d be happy with the option to record more than two inputs and a tick box for separating the recorded samples into mono files.

If this becomes reality some day, then I’ll also mention the need for multi-sample editing. This would do wonders for double takes editing (eg. when recording vocals and doubling those). I’m not sure how this could be implemented, but in a nutshell this would require the ability to see two (or more) samples in the sample editor view at the same time. But then again this sort of a feature would really benefit from some new editing tweaks brought into the editor, eg. dragging a part of a sample and freely moving it around with the mouse, crossfade abilities such as in eg. Cubase etc.

BUT STILL! Live multi-track/sample recording, hmm? My problem with all the other daws is that I don’t like them. Renoise :drummer:

Absolutely, I would prefer not to have to use multiple programs, and do everything in Renoise. If Renoise had some more standard DAW features, like audio tracks, better support for live recording and performance and a decent clip sequencer, I would not have to keep moving things between programs.

I just want to add another voice to the mix and say that this would be an awesome feature. Just for starters, the ability to record into multiple samples at once, specifying which recording inputs go to which samples, would probably keep most of us happy for a while. The editing could still be done on a sample by sample basis and it would be good enough for me to stop using external multi-track recorders. But in the long run, if we got a sample editor that allowed the editing of multiple samples at once, that would be so awesome!

I agree that it would be great to record multiple inputs - IMHO multi-track editing feels a little bit ‘secondary’ to this.
For starters, I’m looking at a dead-simple implementation like AudioMulch’ FileRecorder - it works great, has everything in one place.

Yes please. I’d actually be really happy to just have threshold recording for the sampler.