Live Multitrack Input

I know that live input over multiple tracks is something lots of people have suggested. I have an idea for it that would also add another dimension of utility. Here’s my idea:

  1. Next to Song Settings in the lower panel, have another tab called “input map” or something.

  2. Clicking on it brings up something like below in the lower panel (excuse rough mockup)

  3. You select the key on the keyboard, and it lets you assign it a track, instrument and note. You could also have a midi number option so you can assign external devices too, but whatever.

  4. On the main page, you have a input toggle button, it allows you to switch between ordinary input (i.e. z x c v = c d e f) and the input map mode based on your assignments.

This way you can enter notes in live performance/record across multiple tracks, and you can also save banks of key assignments if you like.

Sorry if this has been suggested, but I couldn’t find it.


Actually, I was just about to post a topic about this very thing. I want to buy a standard keyboard with MIDI I/O, but I couldn’t find anything about multitrack input. That would be very nice for a variety of things, including programming drum patterns in realtime, or assigning bass notes to one channel, mid notes to another, and treble to yet another (that’s how I work at times). Is this possible in any way, yet, or is it something that is yet to be implemented?


It really doesn’t bother me how it’s implemented but better low level midi routing/functions is a MUST.

It could also be done by allowing instruments to be controlled at any time by assigning them to a midi channel. Right-click on instrument, omni assign-> channel 2.

And not to mess up the recording, instruments that are assigned to a specific track should have an option to only record in the track they’re assigned to.

edit: While on topic, another thing that would be great would be to have the option to set a note range for every instrument…something like this (that would work for samples and vsts too, obviously)

Midi input routing is easily the number one feature on my wishlist, and I like your idea. However, instead of using a new tab, my idea would be to do this in the midi mapping window (to keep the number of separate windows and tabs to a minimum), or a separate window that is very similar. Something like this:

There would have to be a button to toggle between the standard midi/computer keyboard mapping and the custom mapping. I would place this next to the midi mapping button.

As a bonus, by using the midi mapping window and assigning a midi channel to the computer keyboard, you would also be able to assign the keys on the computer keyboard to functions like track muting, pattern selection, etc.