Live PAs

I do live PAs once in a while. I’ve had a few gigs abroad and it’s really embarassing to not have a truly live setup that i trust. Anyone have experience using renoise live?
when i was FT2 based i would use 2 boxes and a dj mixer, worked alright but still, having to drag around 2 boxes+monitors isnt very hip OR cool. And it’s certainly not fun trusting airlines with the safety of two computers and their stuff. I don’t trust airlines with MY safety, let alone my computer =P

As it is i premix sets in vegas video with video clips and weirdness, drag along a projector and a laptop and simply press play. A/V is the least i could do i figure if i’m not going to be pushing buttons myself.

I’m all about using Ableton Live for my live sets now. I used to try to use trackers or DJ mixing programs, but none of them could compare to Live. It’s the jam.

How about syncing them together with MIDI interfaces? Running one as master and one as slave…

hmm sounds reasonable. but we’d have to get extra cables for that and i’m saving for a proper ASIO card atm. so if i survive my summerjob we’ll be making nails with heads this autum. hopefully.

i’m also not such a big fan of midi. it confuses me a bit. what about that OSC the new Reaktor has integrated? i havn’t tried that out but it sounds worth a thought - any chance of getting this for Renoise?

oh btw i just had an improvement-idea for playing Renoise live. wouldn’t it be good to have a possibility to assign the patternloop function to certain tracks only and let the others just run the full pattern? like letting the melody run through as a whole and only loop a small part of the drums to have more control for reconstructing them live. don’t know if that’s reasonable/possible but i’d be up for that. i like the loopfunction for using live but it sometimes sounds much,… well…, looped. i reckon Renoise could put some more pieces of coal to the fire when it comes to playing live. that 'd be a blast to this awesome piece of softgear!