Live Performance With Renoise 2.8

Here’s a video of a live performance earlier this year at a small festival in Oslo.
For my liveset I use Renoise as only software, and this time I used the beta 7 of 2.8, even though it wasnt a final version. I used a launchpad with duplex to control the pattern matrix/trackmutings/looping sections of the song. I also had set up my modified MPD32 to play samples to different songs, as well as a couple of drumkits to improvise with. The sliders on the MPD were set up for mixer control, and the knobs were set to control effects throughout the set. I had programmed the buttons to correspond to the quantised repeater device on the master channel. video is edited down to abpout 5 min. the actual performance lasted about 45min.

I use a single long .xrns file,which includes all the songs for the set assembled with the merge songs php tool and heavily worked on later, as the output from the merge is far from perfect, and a 40 minute .xrns i a slow beast to work with unless you do some “downsizing” :)

Cool, man. I love seeing people using Renoise live. I’ve been thinking about moving over to it one of these days for my live sets. It’s just gonna take a lot of learning and experimentation.

yep, learning and experimentation indeed:) what I found out though is that the approach i’ve been doing so far has been overkill, that is, merging the original songs into one large file. You end up with an unnecessarily big and slow file that contains a lot of information that is not really needed live. Next time i think i’ll try to do a abletonish’ setup, with parts of the songs bounced t rendered clips while I keep the parts I want to manipulate live. It gets kinda difficult even with good livetools like duplex, when you are dealing with 100+ tracks to skip through:) One good tip it actively using groups for organization and fx. Helps a ton! Good luck wahrk!

You could also try a Hitori Tori-style approach with multiple instances of Renoise. :) I’m always impressed by his performances.

I’m already a grouping fiend with mixing, so I’m sure it’d carry over into my live setup too. Thanks for the well wishes!

Maybe a bit self-promotion, but if this approach is what you’re considering you may be interested in Cells! 2.0. Download beta 2 from that thread to experiment and remember to download the manual as it explains everything.

Cells! lets you load in note riffs and samples (grouped by instruments) and mix, modify and generally play around with them in a similar way to session view in Ableton.

Instruments of samples can be loaded / unloaded on the fly while it’s running, so if you prepare all your tracks beforehand you should be able to use this feature as required.

Anyway, just thought I’d point you in to another alternative should you be interested.

Hey, thanks mxb. I’ve got Cells! installed, but I’ve yet to fidget with it much. Thanks for reminding me. Your contributions are always super rad.