Live Quantisation

I showed Renoise to my brother the other day. We both used to play about with good old Octamed on the Amiga years ago, although he is a lot more a Cubase SX user now. There were a couple of points he made for improving jamming and live playing.

One is the often mention optional removal of keyjazz mode. No more needs to be mentioned there…

The other is related to the fact that his/our live timing is nowhere near perfect, especially if using a computer keyboard. When puncing in a new drum pattern over old data (well not over without being able to turn off keyjazz, but you know what I mean) you may want it to always be on the beat. ie every other line (or every 4 if using low speed/high tempo) This is currently not possible. Maybe the Edit Step could be used as quantisation steps when you are recording data in live, so for recording with delays for accurate timing you would have to set it to 0, for standard operation it would be on 1, then you could use other options for a set recording, quantisation level. If you then decided everything should be shifted off time you would just have to use the Insert/Backspace key to bring it to the position you want (or you could add a line offset parameter, but that seems like overcomplicating matters.)

Yay! :)

See the suggestions in the related thread.

Keyjazz will be again with full control at your fingertips in the next edition.
This has been announced in very tiny letters in a tiny line in the January news item update underneath the BeatBattle 4 announcement.

Thought I remembered reading that, and did actually mention it to my brother at the time, but as it was part of our conversation on his initial thoughts of renoise I thought I would bring it up here albeit only briefly.

No thoughts on the quantisation matter though?

No actually not, for quantasion in percussion lines i can save myself perfectly using the edit-step feature.
If i want to record stuff live and want to have things perfectly timed on the row i toggle the “record note delays” button to off setting (shift + ~), and set my bpm rate a bit lower so i can follow the beat, if it is too fast and if that’s not help enough, i would toggle the metronome and get myself ready to get into the groove.

I would kill for an option like pre-sound metronome and record only as soon as a note is being entered though.

As I said it’s more for the ability to modifiy parts on the fly, while it’s playing in something like a live set-up. Personally I think I would see myself turning off pattern follow and trying to imagine what it would sound like (or at least hearing it next time it comes round) but not everybody likes to work the same.

That brings me more back to the point I would love to see a mode which is truly pattern free, where you can edit an entirely different pattern to that which is playing, as has been suggested in the past.

Did anyone dare to think of a piano roll? :P
This is exactly where pr is most useful. You instantly SEE what/where notes need to be quantized.

Turning off delay record will also quantize the note-off which is bad most times, you are then better off with just typing in everything from the beginning.
Live midi recording in renoise IS possible, but moving/fixing/quantizing notes afterwards is just a nightmare.

Instant live quantisation would be great. I’m for anything that will improve live improvisation. Now I never record stuff live, I program everything.

That’s a point. The option to turn off the recording of Note Offs would be very useful, especially if you are using some sort of electronic drum kit, or am I just being blind?..

I see your point you really want to have these things locked upon edit step 8 or something similar (i guess with 380 bpm, this will probably one beat for you).
If row is near next 8 rows:place note on the next edit-step, if it is near the previous spot, place it on the previous editstep position.

Btw, there is another trick that may also work out for you now (in current renoise edition i mean):
lower bpm, decrease your pattern size of a new pattern, play your sequence in the transfer-pattern, expand the pattern size to original, select your recorded notes, use the “expand” button in the advanced edit
to expand your notes and copy / paste them into the track you desire the notes realtime.

That’s still no good for a live performance though is it, as the reason of using such high tempos is you get more resolution for parts that want it, and any really fast rolls or off beat notes will be lost in the transition. Either that or you’re saying to go to a blank pattern, which REALLY can’t be done when playing live (unless you bring in the truely pattern-follow free mode I would love to see.)