Live Recording Multiple Takes

I searched the forums and found several old threads discussing this, but I’m not sure all the old conclusions are still true for 2.7 (or even 2.6), so maybe it is worth asking again.

Is there a good way to record live jamming MIDI into a pattern while looping (parts of) it? I love the tracker ui for most tasks, but sometimes the easiest way to achieve some effect is random jamming for a long time hoping for something useful to appear.

The only way I can think of is to clone a pattern many many times, then manually remove all the clones except for the one(s) that might have turned out ok after recording. Feels a bit messy?

It is currently indeed the only way.
To make the cloning part a bit easier, you could use the autocreate pattern tool that does the cloning on the fly for you while you record:

If you then think that the last pattern isn’t swell, you can then erase it and restart from the previous pattern.
It does have to be adapted for 2.7 though. (if you are lucky you need to solely change the API version number in the guided manifest.xml file that comes with the tool and it will also run in 2.7)

Thanks! Tested it a bit in 2.6 and it seems very useful, if a bit hackish. Will have that one enabled a lot in the future probably. :)