Live recording - note off resolution?

Hi all, new user here who just bought a copy of Renoise to see if switching to it from Ableton Live would be a good option for me (didn’t really feel I could give it a fair shake without ASIO).

I’ve done a fair bit of searching around on this but the topics I found are a bit old so hopefully it’s OK to ask again in case things have changed.

As far as I can tell, it seems that when recording live the note off values are always locked to the LPB rather than having their own ‘delay’ value to increase the resolution. So the options seem to be to either manually type in when you want the notes to be cut off or to increase the resolution by turning the LPB up really high. Or is there something else that I’m missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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do you have quantization enabled?
when i record this is what happens:


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Thanks for going to the effort of uploading that - much appreciated!

No, I don’t have quantize on and you’re right - the delay does show up next to the note off values. However in practice staccato notes are sort of slurring into each other pretty badly and don’t have the same length that I played in. Upping the LPB to say, 12 does help somewhat but it’s still not quite right.

I’m pretty confident this is some sort of basic user error (totally new to trackers here) but I’m struggling to figure it out.

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You’re welcome.

Well most of time spent i renoise i did ‘program’ music in that exact manner.
for recording i would personally stick to another DAW, or just increase to 16LPB, but then it gets messy a bit, but you can get used to it if you are really determined. Usually i’m on 8LPB when programming.
Renoise shines in the ‘programming’ manner, as it is tracker and meant to be used that way. I have more simple tools in disposal for recording midi for example - in Bitwig, which i can get done in a minute, and editing of those notes i much faster with mouse, when you have cluters, instead tapping TAB and SHIFT+TAB back and forth :slight_smile:
Just my personal view on this.

debatable: Check your sample rate - it might have to do with latency, and thus cause minor timeframe missmatch?

note: the most interesting part in tracker realm for me is automating the LPB, how easy it is to make some weird-sounding (positive aspect) groove! :slight_smile:

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Cheers, yeah I knew from reading up that recording live wasn’t really the primary focus but I thought it would probably be workable to tap things in with a more human feel as I do tend to do a fair bit of that with some song elements…

Latency is good here, that’s why I bought the program to test rather than relying on the demo since I can bring the reported round trip latency down to about 4ms with ASIO.

That’s a shame if the program isn’t looking like it’ll be a workable replacement for me but I’ll stick with trying to learn the areas it does shine in with a view to maybe picking up Redux to use in another DAW.

Thanks again for your input :slight_smile:

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i find redux very good as a plugin format of renoise, but in this case, it removes all the ‘tracker’ realm perspective - at least to my taste :slight_smile:

Currently i’m using only pc and mouse, and if i had more instruments i’d just record in the sample tab, and ‘program’ recordings :slight_smile: but yeah, i understand your efforts totally and agree.

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