Live Recording

I haven’t been able to find any 2006 posts on this subject, so I thought I’d bring it up again.

If Renoise had the ability to record live inputs, I wouldn’t ever need to use Cubase, or ProTools, or other multitrack recording programs. I am not a programmer, and I have no idea what this would entail in order to get this kind of option put into renoise, but it would basically make Renoise do quite literally everything I need for a full-fledged fully-produced recording.

Is this a feasable option for upcoming releases, or does it entail too much?


Yeah but on the front page as well:

Besides, if you pick the RSS live bookmark, you can scan the headers more frequently for additions.
The front page is updated more frequently now.

Thanks for the info. That’s GREAT!! :) I haven’t went to the main page in so long because I generally go on the message board, and it -used to- put the message board into a skinny frame unless I added /board afterwards in the address bar, but that’s fixed now too. Yeay!! :) :)

wow… ok… I was completely thrown off by another thread on the topic… I was under the assumption that the feature that would be implemented would be a standard sample recording feature… one that wouldn’t allow you to record realtime while the track was playing… but I’m happy to see that I’m mistaken.

WE WANT IT NOW ! ! ! ! !




sorry. . . .getting impatient. . . . ill relax. . . :)

In all likelyhood it was missing because Renoise has had to bounce off between being an FT2 renovation project, and trying to break ground for trackers, that would bridge the gap from trackers to traditional sequencers. I.e. not many trackers had working native ASIO/VST/VSTi support, Meta Devices, etc, when they were first introduced in Renoise (NoiseTrekker). Because of hosting 3rd party plugins, and trying to assure their compatability, there has arguably been more involved in developing Renoise than the GameBoy DS tracker.

it’s also just way f****ing more complicated…

up to a point here all the audio engine in renoise had to do was mix down internal audio streams and render the output into multiple channels. which i’m sure is pretty simple<-----(note:this is sarcasm, don’t take it seriously) adding a component that simultaneously encodes an input signal and writes it to a separate sample is a whole new audio routing mode for the whole application.

sure your gameboy can record sounds into it’s tracker, but it also doesn’t have a reputation for high-fidelity digital signal processing to protect. as i recall from the 1.281 days when i got to vote on my first WIP poll, this feature was labeled “Extremely Difficult”. When I saw it got selected by the Beatbattlers i had a momentary flash of a cartoony stereotype renoise dev contruct shrieking and and collapsing into a hysterical heap.

i think it’s awesome that they’re working on it and it wouldn’t surprise me if the development of this feature leads to additional improvements in renoise’s overal sounds engine…

guess i’ll see. :rolleyes:

In this thing you are pretty much right. I won’t tell anything more because the bugfixing is still being done.

i cant wait. . .
of course renoise is way beyond the DS tracker. . .
a great application . . and by far my favorite audio app on any system . . :)

btw. . .has anyone tried out the DS tracker ?


hintori, I haven’t had a chance to try the DS tracker. It sure looks cool, but the .zip is 666k, so I keep my distance. Besides, I don’t have a DS. ;) (I assume this is the one?)