Live Renoise Q+A with Ani Klang

Hey everyone,
Ani Klang and I will be hosting a live Renoise Q+A on June the 10th on her twitch channel. You’ll be able to post questions beforehand on the devils social media, and we hope to answer them on the day as well as show off some neat tricks and things you can do.

It should be fun, more details to follow!

Chris [midierror]


Awesome, this sounds interesting, should we post questions here or just shoot them out on the live-stream?

Post them here or on social medai with the hashtag RENOISEQANDA

We’re going live this Thursday…just working out times now.

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This event is happening on Thursday this week at 2130 BST / 2230 CET / 1330 PST / 1630 EST

Use #renoiseqanda to send in questions before the stream!

Prizes include a full Renoise License, sample packs, EPs and stickers!

See you there


I’d be interested in knowing how to do a fine pitch slide, similar to Uxx / Dxx
but rather than 1/16th of a semitone, more like 1/128th of a semi-tone.

What is the best envelope design for implementing ‘Phased leads’?
Should ‘Sustain’ be used within the envelope, and if not, what should
the envelope length be set to?

If ‘LCR’ panning lives within the ‘Mid’ portion of the sound, and I’ve got
something playing at hard-left in the mid, is there a track command to
expand the current sound into the ‘Side-left’ temporarily, then back
into the ‘Mid-left’?

I’m used to using the FT2 arppegiator (017, 067, 097, etc…), how can
I get a similar sound in Renoise; further, what is the best way to get a
‘Chip Tune’ timber using Renoise?

Also have a question regarding routing and mixing, it might help to have a
project file to look at for this one, so will send that question in over email.

Wondering if anyone on the forum has a question that they may know the
answer to but thinks it may be helpful for others to hear the question and
learn the answer?

Hope some folks turn up to ask their questions in chat… it’s something different.
Thanks for organizing the show!

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This is happening TODAY!!!

Heres a track which we’ll be working on

2130 BST 2230 CET 1330 PST 1630 EST

Still time to send in your questions!

See you later,

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Here’s a bounce of the track we’ll be working on. Free to download at the above link:

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Prizes for questions are:

Full Renoise License
Ani Klang Sample Packs
midierror EP and Sticker pack

Still time to submit!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, Ani and I really enjoyed it.

Definitely going to do more in future - hoping to get the stream on my youtube channel in the coming weeks.

Much love!


I’ve just been sent the stream file, so this should be on my YT channel in the next few days.