Live stream revisiting a tune from 10 years ago?

Following the Renoise Q+A we streamed earlier this year I thought about possibly doing a stream where I give a 10 year old track a 2021 update - using the skills and knowledge I have since then.

It proved to be my most popular remix/track ever using Renoise…the band even played it on stage when they toured!

Does that appeal to anyone? It’s a fair bit to set up so just want to gauge interest…

Chris [midierror]


I am all in for it but i really dont have time for a live stream but i will watch it after for sure

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What exactly would this be?

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Well, I’ll be taking a track from 10 years ago and using the skills and knowledge I have now to make it better. Probably a lot of production changes, isolating elements and improving them and (more than likely) taking away from the track as much as possible.

It’s a fair amount of work to record so would definitely be easier to just work on in private. I just wondered if anyone would like to see this process. Maybe as a Renoise “Production” excercise.

I guess if it’s streamed people could make live suggestions, which would be quite nice.


I dig the song as it is and curious to see what you’ll do… I’ll watch

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Ah. Not a performance, but an over-the-shoulder view of how you manipulate a song.

Very cool.


I’d be interested. I work a night shift (CST timezone), so depending on when it happens I might not be able to watch it live.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I’ll definitely do something in the next few weeks!

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I will definitely watch too ,-)

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If you do not have a large mass of followers on your YouTube channel (or your platform for live recording), it will be difficult for there to be many people interested in live viewing in these forums.

However, a video worked and published later and announced here could be very interesting.

Making videos is a lot of work, and live you may not be able to publish everything as you want. The only interesting thing about live posting is user interaction.

Personally, if I did not have a small group interested and did a virtual meeting, I would not do a live recording. It’s a shame because the theme is quite interesting.

A well done video, calmly, maybe you will be able to gather interesting comments on your video platform or even here in the forums.

I wish there were more content of this type and more interested people.

I do agree, I’m not expecting huge audience figures. I guess it’s more about trying something new and seeing how it works. I make videos for myself and Sonicstate so I know how long it takes to shoot and cut a video together…it’s a lot of work!

Thanks for your comment I 100% appreciate the ideas. As the track is out there I can probably ask for ideas prior to streaming so I have some suggestions ready to go.

I already know what I want to do with it, and even if no one suggests anything I’ll do the re-remix!

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Don’t expect any audience, just do your thing for fun hehe. I’d love to watch it to learn some different workflow tricks.

What, I was expecting like 10k people watching?!

Joking…I’ll be happy with any number above 0. And if there are 0 I can do WTF i want !


If you have 0 viewers, you can go full apeshit and make some fartcore while naked! Profit!

PS: Jokes aside, please let us know when you have a date/time.

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