Live Sync Phrases

I would like to see the Phrase Editor be able to play and loop without the need of the pattern editor commands. Heres my idea:

Phrase editor scrolls just like pattern editor

Live record into phrase editor

(idk why we can’t do either of these they seem like an obvious option to include :speak_no_evil: )

The phrases stay in sync line wise regarless of lpb, so when triggered, the phrase begins playing from where it would be line wise based on the pattern editor even though idealistically the pattern editor itself COULD remain empty(crazy math probably required but i think its realistic)

Can trigger the phrases by the next x amount of line/beats. so the triggered phrase wouldnt begin looping until a particular time and everything remains in sync

Hitting global play would begin to play every currently selected phrase in every instrument that is set to a sort of Global Sync

I think for something like this to work the instrument wouldn’t be able play on multiple tracks, just like a plugin instrument

I’m thinking Tracker Groovebox/MPC/Live Looper

I thought about this one for a while but it feels like something like this would fit right into renoise and expand its capabilities. I feel like renoise is already designed in a way to encourage the user to create there own work flow.

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