Live Take Track to Track recording Renoise to Reaper with VAC

bit of a noob when it comes to recording, and not sure if this is even the correct thoughtprocess / even possible?

by using Virtual Audio Cable could i do a live sort of recording track to track from Renoise to Reaper?

Yes. Or use Rewire to achieve the same.

hmm yeh but the problem is i dont even see the VAC lines in the mixer panel’s trackoutputs. i created 3 in the CP of VAC :S

but maybe Rewire is a way easier solution anyways, right? any stepbystep how to do Reaper (recording tracks) + Renoise (playing sounds) out there? im alr stuck at getting reaper to rewire with renoise. when i start renoise after reaper it doesnt go into slave mode… :s

im using an evaluation license atm for reaper, but their sites says it has no restrictions. if it does have a restriction on that i’ll get a license asap

im gonna look into it further tomorrow, but if theres like some easy stepbystep guide to do this that’s hella welcome! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I had the same problem with Renoise not going into slave mode. My solution is to start Renoise out of Reaper, by loading it there as a Rewire device (as a Track FX). Once you have done this, you will need to create routings ins Reaper for the several Rewire tracks. And in Renoise, you need then to route each track to the corresponding Rewire output.

Here is a Reaper TrackTemplate for you to get you started:

fuuwk, thanks a bunch! :w00t:no idea why ive never done this earlier

is there a way to actually live record tempo envelope/automation in reaper?