Live-Triggering Sample Commands?

So I’m wondering if the Sample Commands can be triggered from a midi controller?

I want to trigger 0B00 and 0B10 (as well as 0SXX, 0RXY and others) from a Launchpad in a live setting.

Is it possible?

I’d like to be able to use these commands on the fly and see the play marker in the sample editor as I perform.

Sure, this is possible. Question is, how?

We have a whole bunch of effects - and some fx and intervals make more sense than others. For example,

0B00, 0B01 - basically on/off switch. Very simple stuff, can be represented as a single button.
0S00 - 0SFF - sometime, you need the lower number (to trigger slices), sometimes you need every Nth value (sample-offset that divide a sampled breakbeat into 8 equal parts, etc.). So the actual number of buttons would vary, depending on the purpose.
0R00 - 0RXX - depend on the number of ticks in the song. So, again, a variable number of buttons

Also, there need to be some simple approach to where the commands are written - which track, which column?

I think that is the crucial question.
If you may have a look at the step sequencer tool, it offers a “control-matrix” where you can set a pattern command of your choice per track and per column. This is done with value box, which is midi-controllable. I haven’t tested it with the B0 command though. Maybe that works for you live setup.

Checking it out now. Haven’t figured out how to use it but this could be helpful. Thanks a lot.

Hmmm. I see the issues here. Hopefully the step sequencer can give me what I need.

I think he means ‘live’ as in, press a button or midi pad or sth, and sample instantly reverses playback dir.
Not possible yet. My advice: try dblue’s Glitch vst for some live coolness!
For 0Sxx command, you could try slicing stuff up. Although it’s hard to make it work with transpose.

i’ve had fun with a shortcut that inserts a 0B00 or removes the 0B00 from selected_track first_effecT_column. it’s been real fun as a shortcut.
but you probably don’t want it to be a pattern editor effect adder.


Yeah I think I might have to manually chop/reverse/etc the pieces that I want to work with and create an instrument. Not as quick as I’d like but could be worthwhile. You might be able to answer a question for me. I don’t like the way renoise chops each transient into a separate sample, I’d prefer to be able to launch the full loop with the different slice markers as start points. So instead of each key playing a single hit from a break, it would start at that hit and continue through the whole loop. Any simple way to do this right inside of renoise without having to use some external editor?

Did you somehow create that shortcut? How does one go about that? Is there a tutorial or a simple explanation? I’m interested.

yeah, it was created with lua scripting. it’s fairly easy. i’m not sure if i released the 0b00/Off writer in a version of Paketti
yeah i did

- Pattern Editor  
- shortcut direct input of 0B00/none, 0CF/none, 0LC0/0L00 into the effect column. (Reverse, cut, volume off/on on track)  

have fun. i never got around to releasing the pitch up / pitch down / retrig / arpeggio / volume cut revision of paketti, since i got stuck with the whole “but there has to be preferences, and vst / au effect keyboard shortcut binding business because uhh stuff” -project.

Sample Editor, to the right of the Auto-Slice options look for this symbol.

"Toggles whether a slice will continue playing the rest of the waveform once it has reached the end or not. "

Also, of course just move the slice markers to the positions you think right and use the 0S command in combination with the slice marker numbers (visible on top in the sample editor)
You might like the keyboard shortcut tools i wrote, ‘Slice n Exact’ and ‘Slice Master’
see tools for renoise