Live Vocal Pitching

I would like to be able to pitch my vocals one or two octaves lower than they are naturally in a live setting. What kind of effect or pedal could I run my mic through to achieve this? I’m trying to make my vocals have a chopped and screwed type sound.

If you’re on a mac there is a pretty good pitch shifter included. On a PC… the last time I checked (a few years back) there was this free vst called madshifta, you could try that?

There’s loads of plugins for live pitch shifting, only thing you’ve got to make sure of is that you’ve got low enough latency on your computer.

Using madshifta, I would have to run the mic into an audio interface, and then have the pitchshifted vocals come back out of the interface…correct? If so, then I would need an audio interface that had really low latency in order for this to work well live…right? Is there possibly a hardware unit that could achieve this…like a pedal or something? It seems like using an interface and software might end up to convoluted.

Google is your friend.

On a budget Behringer US600.

Here’s a video demonstrating three different units

EDIT: “I’m trying to make my vocals have a chopped and screwed type sound.”

Kinda missed this bit and unsure how that relates to pitch-shifting in your thinking. How about posting an example of the sound you desire?