Live With Renoise

I really interesting how to play live and i have some ideas but i dont know really can i do this or not.
i understand how to play in reason from keys but what with drums.
in the internet i have look about midi drum controller and dont understand.
For example i have 16 pads for example. Can i pick 1 5 9 13 15 and i will listen 5 kiks or i am wrong?)) maybe any body can help.
Any info about live playing will be good better will be video) :drummer: .


what you mean?

maybe some people have experience play live in renoise?
And can i do this and how. Yes i understand i can do this by some other way but maybe better in next version do some fitures for simple live playing?
i think it will be cool.
As i understand neeed some intrument for control drums becouse melody we can control now but not good.
What you think?

i have some ideas about it but i dont now it is good.
Becosue i have some expiriance in Reason and i know how to paly live)

I’ve done some data mining on your posts and finally managed to get what you’re asking for.

The answer is simple: no avail. All you can do for now in Renoise is loop a set of patterns or a single pattern, and select other ones when you need them. I don’t know, maybe this can be also MIDI controllable. But even if it is, it’s nowhere near the live functionality your asking for.

Where are you from BTW?

Instrument should be as drum mashine in Reasone for example.
i will try to say why it will be good.
for synth, basses now we have roll piano but for drums i think better was some thing as drum machine with some patterns.
will good if on this instrument containe button for on/off pattern i i dont want use pattern i off it.

if this idea was interesting and not crazy i will write about it thanks.

PS. I am not registered now but i will be, becouse i love renoise.))))

Gets some hardware and your away,a nice midi controller keyboard and a nice fat drummachine,then just jam :yeah: ,works for me B)

I’d tried to find another topic about Renoise on stage, but didn’t succeed.
there it is:
full of good tips.

well, If you start with a computer/laptop with renoise, and a midi controller you can do a lot already.

with the keys you can for instance play samples or a VSTi
you could also assign other knobs to track volume to mute unmute tracks or to the panning or maybe a filter…

very much is possible as you can see to have enough input on your performance.

yes i understand this but i mean Drums.
Becouse in hardcore drums change very quckly that i mean.
becouse for me will be grate as in reason drum machine.

for other things i want Novation x-sation and novation remote controller

to nova666
What drum machine you recommend?)


Theres a few,How much you got to spend?,

If money is not an issue i would go with a Jomox 999 or Electron Machinedrum,i would get the Jomox over the Electron my self as its analog and will be a little better for Hardstyle or whatever you call it,but both are the best drum machine’s money can buy and can make any drums you want.

If your on a budget i would go with a Jomox Xbase09,Korg EMX-1 or even a Korg EM1 which you can pick up very very cheap.,the Korg EMX-1 would be a very good one to have as its also got a synth and valves,and you can make any style drums you want and it sounds very very powerfull.

Each one would go very very nice with Renoise,i found that Renoise does not sound very powerfull or tho it does sound very veryr clean and clear,a combination of Renoise and Hardware works extremley well and the results are amazing.

Heres all the links for each drummachine for you to take a look at.

First the expensive ones :rolleyes:

Jomox 999


Sound Samples

And heres the more resanable priced ones:


XBASE09 SE(more drum sounds)

Korg EMX1, US Price


Korg site for emx1

and the much more cheaper option,veyr good for the price.

Korg EM1

You can listen to MP3 samples of all the drummachines on there websites.

and also the Jomox drummachines and the Korg EMX-1 are also Midi controllers,which is very handy if you want to control renoise with them.

But i think better was buy the Drum Vst + Midi controller.)))
Becosue good drum machine >1000 euro

Korg EM1
But this is really interesting thing)

I use renoise for live performances on occasion. Altho the program is more geared for studio work, it still works great live and a lot of the limits really just depend on your imagination and if you use it in non traditional ways… It really is pretty flexible, especially now that it has line in options. Actually played a show two weeks ago using renoise. I generally use a midi controller to trigger samples, play melodies, control effects and mix. Pitch shifting and stuff, instrument window. And if you are a mad fast tracker you can make shorter patterns and vary them quickly in realtime… gibble samples in the editor window… takes practice but it is doable. Also you can run multiple instances of renoise at the same time which is extremely useful.

Or you could use the special Bantai brand drum controller.

is that a joke? hehe
strange thing

Clickity-clacks along with the samples for one-handed drumming :drummer: