Liveact With Just Macbook-Audio-Out?

i am planning to do a live-act with renoise on my macbook white next month. do you think, the internal soundchip is good enough to play on a big pa, or shoud i get a cheap external audio-interface like tm or

what are your experiences with playing live using only the macs internal headphone out?

edit: i’m especially interested in the swissonic easy firewire interface (link above), but do you think a 30€ interface will sound better than the mac? (i don’t really know, if it is important for you to know, but i am playing hardtekno/acidtekno and hard/speedcore, so imho especially the BASS-performance is important :walkman: )

I used to play my hardtekno live sets with an old Asus laptop, with 516 Mb ram, and no external audio card… It was good!

The macbook is more recent so you’ll have no problems in my opinion! :)

If I’m not mistaken your MacBook has a maximum resolution of 24 bit/96kHz on the internal soundcard which should be well enough for a liveset on a PA. I once did a liveset directly from my MacBook Pro’s output and it sounded really good, deep basses and sharp highs. Chances are that a $30 interface will clip or even stutter, you don’t want that in your liveset.

many thanks for your replies! B)

do you have any recordings of your sets? i would really be intrested in listening to them, if you do not mind :)

Yes, I’ll have to find them, I am very confusionary and I always delete my files :) … But fortunately I have a friend that have it all, I’ll ask him :) .
If you send me your e-mail address we can keep in touch…

by the way, I did not played the live sets with renoise, but with ableton live! (the “live triggering” of patterns wasn’t already implemented)

I would also be interested in listening to yours, if you have it!

(never had a live set with renoise, but I’ll definitely have to try it!!!)


im still far away from finishing the preparations for my live-set, but maybe i can reocrd it on the 20th of february.
(don’t expect too much, its gona be my first try :) )

:) Don’t worry! I’m sure it will be good!!
At my first set I was anxious for the first 10 minutes, and then I had a lot of fun :), and the people was very happy! I had real fun!!

I asked my friend for the files, I’ll send you as soon as I’ll have it ok?
I add you as a friend so I’ll remember!

Have fun!

thanks for your encouraging words!

looking forward to receiving your files :yeah:

ps: at the moment i’m considering purchasing a audio dj 2 interface by native instruments. this would allow me to preview loops and sounds on one channel and rocking the crowd on the other one for just 100€ B)