Livecut Problem.

do you guys have the same experience with LiveCut Beta?

mdsp @ smartelectronix just released a beta of this nice slicing plug and i was anxious to test it…
but allas…no sound.


No sound for me either. Doesn’t work in MadTracker either. I saw a few people mention on MDSP’s site (in the comments) that they had some problems in other software too. It’s just a really early beta version I guess, so I wouldn’t expect too much right now. I’m sure the problems will be ironed out in a later version of the plugin.

i read on kvr and mdsp’s site that we need to ‘use fixed size buffers’ and this plugin needs tempo sync information.

…guess we need some renoise developers in this case…

here some stuff made by users :



Not sure what to suggest for the buffer thing.

As for the tempo sync, I’m not sure exactly what that involves from a programmer’s point of view, I guess it varies from person to person (or software to software), but at least with the VST effect that I’m working on (Glitch) I managed to get it synced to the tempo quite easily. In fact it stays in sync better in Renoise than it does in other software (Madtracker, Cubase, etc).

Strange stuff!

renoise allready delivers sync info to vst plugz so that is not the problem its the ‘fixed size buffer’ thingy…


In your Renoise install direction there is a VST cache file which contains a big list of plugins and specific settings which some of them need. There’s a value for each plugin called “mNeedsStaticProcessingBuffer” which I would imagine simply needs to be changed to 1 for LiveCut to work.

Unfortunately there was no entry for LiveCut in my cache (and Renoise didn’t seem to update or re-generate the cache if I renamed/moved it), so without the unique ID of the LiveCut plugin I doubt you’d be able to manually create an entry for it (I tried but it didn’t work).

Not sure how to get the ID either unfortunately :(

I guess the cache has to be updated manually by the devs with each new release?

i was just reading about ID’s the otherday i wonder if he put the id on the cubase list?

I was thinking that myself but the ID a VST uses is a 4 character string, and all the IDs in Renoise’s cache file are numerical, around 9 or 10 digits.

I wonder how to convert between them?

maybe this can help:…vst_scanner.htm

on the page it looks like it shows a memory location? to identify the plugin, does that look familiar?

nice one dude. I’ll check it out.

haha, you’re not gonna believe this… the IDs this program displays seem to match the values in renoise’s cache (after being converted from hexidecimal to decimal), but the program crashes as soon as it tries to read the livecut plugin!


Doh, yeah i was just going to post to tell you not to worry about it, i’ll see if theres any difference with the mac version tonight.

I already tried that (It shows up in my list on the bottom)
But changing the staticbuffering to TRUE doesn’t work out either.
So there is definately something else a problem than that.

it does work on mac, but no sound. dont know if it’s the same on pc, but it looks like its a total resource hog. i’ll also tried it with peak but it crashed it. soo much for insta-tom jenkinson and the warp crew.
if there is something that renoise could do better, it would have to be done after mdsp fixes his plugin.

not surprising that it doesnt work in peak as peak doesnt send snyc info afaik. of course it shouldnt crash…