LiveDive Update/Working in Renoise 3.4.x!

I haven’t posted here in years, so forgive me.
I’ve figured out why the old versions of LiveDive were not working for the latest versions of renoise and compiled a new version that works on my machine.

Basically, the gist is that the Lua version the plugin was compiled was isn’t compatible with newer 64 bit versions. If you convert the bytecode to 64-bit and put the files back in, it works.

To generate it yourself:
Download and extract the LiveDive xrnx file.
Load file gui.lua - you’ll see the bytecode
On the right there’s a dropdown for “convert to another EnBr” - select L4808 (x64 default)
This will download a luac file to your downloads directory.
Replace gui.lua with this file, keeping the name as gui.lua.
Repeat the process for main.lua.

I’ve done a quick test with this and it looks like it works no problem.
I’ve also attached a version of the xrnx file here.

de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx (29.4 KB)

If anyone has the Launchpad version of this, the same process will likely work no problem.


I could do with getting the Launchpad version from someone, at which point I will use this trick. Cheers.

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Saw you ask for source in an older thread…

I appreciate you posting this. Got a launchpad for a good deal.

Guess I’ll have to find a Launchpad version. If anybody’s already converted their version, uploading it to a repository like GitHub would make my day.