Livelink for a videoplayer or a videoeditor to sync music and beats

Hello Renoise Team…over the years we love your program every day a bit more and now we never will think about it to do our works without it.

Here came our idea to build a Livelink ( such as unreal and character creator and Iclone (reallusion ) have to compose picture synced music or soundtracks or fxsoundlines for intros and image films.
It should sync to a videoplayer (mpc-player or similar ) or a videoeditor

We think it must have a function to sync the movement inside Renoise BMP-Speed to the video. If the we scroll forward or backward in the song the video also scrolls synced FW or BW. is this possible to create such a plugin?
we enjoy hearing from you and hope somebody can realize this idea? With best wishes and a good time…gon on with your great wor.
RON 2IDs media:design

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I think people have used OSC to link Renoise with after fx for example, look into Lua scripting in Renoise and if your video editing software accepts control through OSC.


i would appreciate some how to for syncing renoise and video

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