Livid ohm wood issues?

man, I just bought one of these yesterday and am very sad!

it’s not the 64, it’s the OG one.

ohm64 is class compliant and doesnt require drivers… I’m finding it basically impossible to find documentation for this midi controller on the net. I even tried to use the wayback machine…

anyhow, if a head from wayback knows how to “do the thing” and would like to guide me… I may just try to sell it fast instead. (I kind of always find myself in these types of situations with old forgotten gear)

Looks like it.

that’s the ohm64, which was a later model.
I think there were significant differences, such as the 64 being class compliant and able to be powered solely by usb.
and the grid has 64 buttons as opposed to 36.

Perhaps helpful:

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Ah, yes I see now. Yeah, I have an older Novation launchpad, pre-class compliant, annoying in some way (I was still using Linux at times).

Sucks that when new versions come out, old docs just seem to vanish.