Living Without Mouse...

I’d like to know how those of you set up your renoise shortcuts, who manage nearly everything without mouse.

I’ve not yet had a satisfactory experience with using just the keyboard to select VSTi’s etc. so I’d like to learn from others on this forum how you set up Renoise so, that you can switch easily between views without having to touch the mouse unless there is a vst knob to tweak that is…

I haven’t managed to select Midi Instruments or VST instruments for example. And I’m using the “show /hide instrument panel” -keycommand.

Perhaps there are better ways to set Renoise up ?

How do you guys scroll between the panels without touching the mouse ?


to rephrase,

Anyone achieved to use Renoise using keyboard only? (ie. using mouse just for the edits of vst and in sample editor)

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to rephrase,

Anyone achieved to use Renoise using keyboard only? (ie. using mouse just for the edits of vst and in sample editor)

Unfortunately not possible. F.ex. track dsp values can’t be edited via keyboard. Nor can you load presets or anything. Also instrument settings are mouse only. Generally lower panel is very much handicapped for keyboard use.

Confing views is crucial part, you should really feel comfortable with that, because with keybard you must use view presets to access panels. There’s no way you can change just specific panel unless spending whooping amount of shortcuts for that. I think it would be great to have an option to scroll through panels with keys too. But anyway, what you see is what you can edit (if you can).

Also advanced edit is impossible to use with keyboard.

So currently there is no using Renoise without touching a mouse. If you want that, get an old machine and install Impulse Tracker there and finish your songs in Renoise.</0x00005628515f29c0>

Thnx for the answer…

Would be cool if renoise could be handled this way. <3 :drummer: :guitar: :walkman:
though this is not a showstopper… but would be cool… =)

mhh, why are you so desperate not touching the mouse ? I really love my keyboard-shortcuts and all, but I honestly don’t understand this complete rejection of using a mouse ?!

Hm… I guess it’s something that has become so natural way to edit when using FT2 in the days. =)

It’s ok to edit stuff with mouse… But copying stuff for example is so much faster using the keyboard


…but I guess this is something that is not that big a deal. =)


welcome to 2007 … the mouse became something like a “trend” in the past decade and I don’t think it’s just a phase either …

What about talking in a good form. The guy asks an honest question.

using no mouse is impossible, but for example DSP values can be edit via keyboard: give focus to DSP panel (CTRL+TAB until the orange(*) frame is on the DSP panel), then you can use arrows + ENTER and numbers to input values for points.

(*) for standard theme

what differs between selecting a VSTi and a sample instrument? if you want to open the VSTi editor via keyboard, use NumPad 0.


thanks for the answer, !!

I’ll try these commands :walkman: :yeah:

The CTRL TAB is great for jumping around the window!