Lo-fi/chip Samples

Hi there,

is it possible to download a samplepack with all these fantastic lo-fi or chip samples?

You get sine, saw, square, and a lofi drumkit with renoise. Just look in the instruments folder!
That’s pretty much all you’ll ever need, just play with DSPs to get any flavor you like. For example, distort the sinewave.
You can also make your own chip drumkits by cutting any beat samples into tiny pieces and lowering the samplerate.

Alternatively try PEACH and TOAD VSTs for NES sound, or find a SID emu VST for C64 feel.

  1. Play any old sample through LofiMat
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

what about ripping samples from this package with 76.5MB of chiptunes from the good old amiga mod and pc ft2 days?


Just use the LOFI-Mat, but no samples and no VST… Lo-Fi silence - Even more 'core than 'core!

2009 Represent.

I say chat with us at #renoise and make friends with MickRipp. Get him to send you some of his mods, then start lifting them sounds like Timbaland.

The chipsamples that comes with Renoise are good, I agree, but there are just so much more… The lofi-drumkit in Renoise are pretty much shite in my opininon. Listen to artists like Disasterpeace, he makes very good drumsounds in his chiptunes, don´t quite know how he does it. I think he made his first albums with Reason.

For samplepacks I think it´s a good idea to search sounds from spesific hardware. For example, Google: C64 samples, Gameboy drum sounds, NES samples, etc… Searching for just chip/lofi samples often gives you too much irrelevant hits.

The Quadrasid plugin are really good for making C64-sounds. You can make some sounds with it and sample them, if you prefer working with samples. In my opinion, using vst´s that emulate old machines like the 64, Atari, Nintendo 8-bit etc… gives really cool and phat Chip-sounds. If you want to make “real” C64-tunes, but have no Commodore 64, Goattracker is a pretty good option.

Chip Sounds
Go to sample editor
Create Sample [F11] [leave it at default]
Draw Sample [Shift+Alt+D?? could have this wrong]
Draw [Use smooth tool] [Dc offset for balance but make sure zero in zero out or you get clickies]
Press note.
Go to instrument editor
Tweak it.

Having a pack would be great too, but a lot of fun with chips is in the construction of the noises and making basics [kicks and snares] on the fly with tracker commands. Welcome to the snobby world of chip tunes … yay!