I just made this here: It’s not my usual genre but as I rediscovered the magic of Renoise recently and as I am actually now really planning to produce a full album, you might want to listen to this.

Edit: This is the optimized but still not final version :slight_smile:


nice chill vibes… :slight_smile: I’d dirty up the 808 some, compression/saturation/shaping, maybe smooth the transient on it a touch as well. The snare might need a little more beef as well… sounds a little too high passed? maybe compress all percs together a little more to get that glue. I generally like the progression. The strings and pads and vox all sound good. the plinky piano isn’t doing it for me, just sounds too noodly, not as intentional or composed as I would like to hear such a prominent part of the mix… I would cut out some of those notes. just take a razor to em, or resample that line and use only the best parts, maybe some deeper fx on that line, reverb, delay…
Nice atmosphere!

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Sounds a bit Circe du Solei; can hear some echoed spoken word over parts of this. Nice start!

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Yeah, I agree. The “piano” has to be narrowed down. Thanks for the review.

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