Load .aif-samples Without File Extension?

I’m having a lot of .aif-files without suffix after recording stuff in cubase, it seems I have to rename them to *.aif to make them load in Renoise. Is there a setting for that that I’m missing?

I’m a little worried that if I’d rename all the files, cubase will have problems finding them…?


yes, you should rename that files, as it seems that the . option forces renoise to load samples as raw data, which is not what you would like to do.

If you`ve got the hard drive space it may be worth copying the samples then renaming them so you have samples compatible for both uses.

Ok, thanks… I’ll guess I might rename them then… The fun thing is just that I have so much long forgotten crap in cubase audio pools, that just might be interesting. And it’s just handy to pick a file in Renoise and see what it is, letting the samples decide where the song should go.

But why this . system then? What’s the advantage? Is it necessary for mac?


As stated out above this .-feature is for RAW-Import purposes… I think it makes sense, if you want to import misc stuff for chiptunes or sth…

maybe you could use a batch renamer like this: