Load Files With More Options

ctrl click a selection of wav/flac files in the Disk browser, I have two load options, but one is greyed out.

Why can I only “load with options” if I have only one wav/flac file selected? I would like to load multiple samples with options.

Could those “options” please also include “enable sync”, and “loop” and quite possibly also NNA and interpolation settings?

sorry, no mockups :P

additionally… with the options that are there under “load sample with options” could “Create multi-sample instruments” have a toggle/dropdown to either create a drumkit or distribute the samples?

edit: this second point is probably not all that useful. I think “create multi-sample instruments” which essentially equates to “create drumkit” is good enough. Distributing samples would be arbitrary, getting the user no further along than had they simply started with a drumkit and customized the keyzones to span multiple keys. so scratch this second idea.

You can load one and have the “Use as default” checkbox checked. The next time you load multiple samples, all these options you have set should then simply apply. Or simply change the file-import options in the preferences as where these settings are stored into when you check this “Use default” checkbox.
I agree, this is not the best solution if you want to perform a one-time specific batch load, but there is no real force to use this method on each single sample that you rather would have loaded in batch.

Thanks man!
I haven’t been able to try this yet but, I started slicing large multi sample files (like scratch tools) and this should do the trick.

I saw that, it’s cool, but it’s not what I’m asking.

hmm. I don’t follow…

Why does renoise prevent the user from setting options on multiple file imports using the ctrl click>load feature?

That is very simple because the options differ for each file-type.
Add a file ending with the .smp extension, single right click it (take care you have the “.” icon selected so that all files are shown) and then select load with options, you will notice you get a complete different set of options for that sample file.
That’s the reason, there is always a chance you select a file that is of a complete other type so this doesn’t make it possible to allow applying a specific set of options to all files. (not without risking chances for crashes because settings are applied to a file that aren’t applicable at all!)

I see. It would be more logical if options would only be greyed out only IF the sample files are indeed different file-types but I can live with this of course. Thanks vV

Still wondering though… Could those options please also include “enable sync”, and “loop” and quite possibly also NNA and interpolation settings?