Load Instrument From Song

Maybe this has already been mentioned before in another thread, I’m not sure. Trying to find things with the forum search can be a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, especially if the thing you are looking for is quite generic/ambiguous.


Currently (in v1.8) it is possible to load samples from within other songs by expanding the song in the disk browser, like so:

But it just occured to me… why can’t we also do this with instruments contained within the song? It would be awesome to be able to load the full instrument - loop points, envelopes, multi-samples, VSTi presets, etc.

If this has already been mentioned then just tell me to stfu. Otherwise, I think this would be a very nice feature to have :)

I sorta mentioned it too. Can’t remember where, but thought it would be a very helpful thing to have :)

+1. during 1.8 alpha stage, taktik said that showing instruments was more difficult and would have been made in the future