Load Instruments From Xrns In Disk Browser

Just like how you can load a samples from an xrns in the disk browser it’d be handy if you could load a vsti/au instrument aswell.

edit: Loading sample based instruments from the xrns would be great too.

I don’t care much for loading vsti from songs using the diskbrowser, rather have an option to load (sample) instruments when expanding a songs content in the disk op using the + icon. This instead of always having to collect the samples and manually re-create the instruments again.

I know I can save .xrni’s but would like this kind of solution too.

sample xrni loading from the xrns is great idea Jonas.

the way i see it Renoise is treating us already by letting us load samples this easily but would be even better if you could load whole instruments too.

Thought you could. Sure I used to have a (x)rni which loaded a VST and a preset in the past. Currently have zero VSTs installed to give it a go though…


Ahhh from xrns, not xrni. Sorry about confusion. So you want to be able to load virtual instruments from other songs, using the + drop down thingy to access the Instrument? Yeah sounds a good idea.