Load Multiple Samples

Hi all,… is it possible to like select a directory filled with hundreds of samples and make renoise load them all ?
So i don’t have to click on each one of them and get instant repetitive strain injury :unsure:

no it is not possible :(

why on the Earth would you use “hundreds” of samples, by the way? :)

hey, now that’s a new terrible limitation: only 256*16 samples!! :lol:

how should ReNoise decide the loading order?

you can use keyboard to load samples, anyway.

Check the keyboard config of DiscOp to see all the shortcuts.

ok then…

um yeah… thats a good question. well i’ve been downloading a lot of samples and since they’re all pretty good i might want to use most of them. Maybe i’ll decide not to after a while, but now i kinda have to decide even before i will use them (<- while loading them into renoise)
And when i have all of them in renoise i can, whenever i need a certain sound, just loop through all of them and check wich one suits best.

alphabetical would be good… they’re in the diskop in alphabetical order anyway… so…

Ok i did not know that… i’m not all to familiar with the shortcuts yet.
Where would i find the keyboard config? i looked in the help file… didnt really see it tho’

Try pressing “Config” then “Keyb/mouse” :)

ok i hear what you moderaters are saying about loading hundreds of samples but i also would like the ability to highlight a load of samples and have them loaded in sequentially. exs24 can do it so why not renoise. i mean i know which one i would rather use. it would be cool because then i could load a whole rex slice up saved as wav into renoise just like i do at the moment into logic.

speaking of which… when are you going to make renoise .rex compatible. now that would be amazing . (i know we already have the 0900 function but the ability to load in rex would be so good)

thats something I would wish to happen too for all those chopped up beats.

or atleast make right button click to load the sample in the next free slot in the instrument.