Load Sample Into Empty Instrument Option

As 1.8 seems to have alot of more intuitive features, I thought I’d suggest the idea of having a checkbox in the disk op window that allows you to load samples into an empty instrument automatically, instead of having to click on a new instrument every time. Having another option to do the same with sample slots might be nice too.

Also, it would be nice if there were a way to undo a sample load, and revert to the previous sample data… I’ve had issues quite a few times now where I’ve accidentally wiped a sample I’d been editing when trying to load a new sample, and proceded to curse profusely.

Feel free to discuss! :D

Sounds useful, could be implemented into the “Load file with options dialog”, the undo maybe in the instrument right-click menu.

a “load into new instrument slot” context menu item would be enough for me

Well, the entire point of me suggesting the “load into empty spot” thing was to:

  1. Speed up the loading of samples
  2. Reduce the chances of overwriting existing samples/instruments

So, if it were a context menu instead of some sort of toggleable option, it kinda takes away from both objectives. Perhaps it could also be in a context menu?

There is no chance of overwriting existing samples/instruments in this version as it switches them around automatically when you put one over another (nifty feature I thought, try doing the things that would have overwritten samples in 1.5, and you’ll see what I mean…)
but I have another argument to make in this thread… :)

someone deleted my thread :(

When dragging with the mouse:yes, you shall not overwrite existing instruments / samples.
But when just double click a sample or select “load file” from the context menu, the current selected sample / instrument will be overloaded.