Load Samples From Within Container Files

This has probably been requested before but here goes:
It would be neat to be able to load sample files from within a container file such as .zip and .rar like one is able to load the samples from within a .xnrs
This would both make it easier to organize ones samples and save disk space.

Thank you very much. ( ᵔ◔‿◔ᵔ)

a little trick: XRNS files are actually ZIP files with renamed extension.
if you rename your ZIP files to XRNS, you will able to load samples from them as you do with XRNS files.

But if it is that easy… why not make it recognize .zip?
But thanks, I have done as you suggested.

parsing ZIP files can be very slow and you will be probably disappointed if all your normal ZIP files get parsed while browsing directories.