Load/save Midi Mappings

Many MIDI controllers allow you to save/load CC mappings to knobs, but it is useless with renoise, as CCs are manually assigned to parameters.

If we could load/save midi mappings just like you would do with a DSP chain or an instrument, it would be possible to completely change the way your MIDI controller affects renoise in a few clicks.

It might come in handy for live performance …

You can load DSP chain together with midi mappings. Also you can save midi mappings to template song, so when you start reused mappings are already there.

The only mappings that aren’t saved in DSP chains are ones assigned to track volume, panning, and width (pre), and volume & panning (post). But like Suva says, a template song will store this info.

If you load a device chain that utilise controllers that are already in use, they will not be loaded. This is where I’m hoping the mapping of more than 1 parameter (other than with a hydra device) per controller will be implemented.

Saved with the song gets my vote. Saving it independently is hard, since DSP effects/settings are different most of the time.