Load/Save Volume/Panning Instrument Renoise ?

Hi Renoisers & Renoise Team,

Can I save/load “Volume/panning” parameters from Renoise Instrument ? Else, could Renoise Team add a new button to saving & loading the volume/panning parameters from Renoise Instrument in “Instrument Editor” for the next version of Renoise ?

Thank you & Greetings,


presuming that with “volume/panning parameters” you are talking about volume/panning/pitch/cutoff/resonance envelope curves, you can store up to 8 presets per type of envelope: each envelope section has a button set like this on the lower right:

rightclicking a button stores the current envelope in the button
leftclicking it recalls the stored envelope

also, you can copy an envelope and paste it on a text editor and save it as you like, then you can open the file, copy its contents and paste them back in Renoise.

it’s not like a full-featured preset manager, but still can make all you are asking for (as always, if I have understood what you are talking about)

A few more of these questions… and i’m starting to change my default answer into “Learn Lua”…