Load Vst Plugins...


When I load one XRNS file using his VST Plugin, plugins files must be found in the VST directory in « Preferences > Plug/Misc ».

1st idea : In « VST Plugins », to add a new option allowing to loading VST plugins automatically in the same directory where is the .XRNS file.

2nd idea : While Renoise 2 load a XRNS File, Renoise load VST plugins automatically in the same directory where is the .XRNS file (3rd directory to load VST Plugins).

What do you think ?



what should be the use for such a feature? every VST host works like Renoise does, id est: having specific paths where to look for VST plugins.

I think he wants it for sharing xrns with other users who may not have the plugin already.

Obviously wouldn’t be cross platform.

Some VSTs require an installer and registry entries and don’t work from just having the .dll file in the right place.

Better off just providing the files and letting people install them into their default folders if they don’t already have them (although you may need to be careful with legalities in some cases you should be fine if just sharing with friends for colabs and the like.)

These are the reasons any host relies on a specific location where all VST’s are placed.
I’ld rather not have this changed either, it would only confuse some other user when indeed plugins are embedded that really require a system install rather than a quick .dll embedded with the song.