Load With Options Only Available With Single Sample Selection?

I no longer have 2.7.2 installed here but figured I’d report this just in case it’s new to 2.8. .this seems counter intuitive. Why is load with options only available when you have one sample selected? It becomes a problem when you want to designate what happens when you load multiple samples by pressing enter, as the “create multi-sample instruments” toggle is located within load with options… This toggle has nothing to do with loading single instruments so it’s awkward that it’s located in a place you can only get to if you have one single sample selected.

If it’s not too late and to help circumvent this issue I’d like to suggest a “load as multi-sample” and “load as single samples” keybinding instead of just hitting “enter” to load a sample in a manner that depends on a toggle you can only get to by right-clicking.

I’m currently seeing this on linux x64 2.8 beta 7. the only thing i have available to me at the moment.

Because the default options are set up through Preferences??

That’s right, if you want this applied to multiple instances, set your options in the preferences.
But i can understand you would only like such change for a bunch of samples once.

Which is when you use Shift+Return.