Loaded Up To 1.500 Gb Of Memory. Why?

Hey guyz

I need your advice about ,how to fix the problem with 1.500 MB usage of RAM memory in Windows Xp !

The projects just fail\open vsts\fx’s nothing worxx properly :(

I love my Renoise,but those problems KILLING ME

supposing that you are talking about one and a half gigabytes of samples, there is a whole thread regarding this problem, and a possible workaround: using the /3GB option in boot.ini Windows file

no, i didnt load 1.500 mb of wav samples into my Renoise.i just check it thru ctrl+alt+del - so its shows me a memory boot.

1430 mb

Why the digit is so high?

do you mean that Renoise consumes 1500MB of RAM by just launching it, without loading anything else into it?

look. my project is 16 mb size,with wav loops & vsts. but its really weird,its just send me crashes\failed to initialise plugins etc

If i start up Renoise here, i’m around 100MB, not 1500.
If you load your song , what kind of plugins and what do they use?
I can easily load a 15Kbyte song that loads an instance of my EWQL gold plugin and whops out 2GB of samples. Plugins share memory with Renoise currently so there’s no real possibility to do something about it.

install a 64bit OS and clap your hands - everything else (incl. the 3GB switch) is just a half-assed workaround when using large amounts of samples and/or VST ROMplers, which seems to be exactly what you’re doing.

and as vV said - the size of the XRNS file is no indicator for the actual memory consumption of your song project.

is renoise under a 64bit os able to use more than 3gb / thread ?
(and are all the vsti’s able to run in 64bit to support this…? )

no. Renoise probably gets his dedicated 4GB under a 64bit OS, but will use some of it on its own and is not able to address more than 4GB for plugins and no:32-bit applications do not support 64-bit plugins.
(there are not a lot 64-bit plugins so far if that makes some comfort)

in other word: if i move with my 32bit renoise and my 32bit plugins to 64bit OS i get how many ram in renoise?

if i have readen about the same problem in other software the answere is 3gbyte?

In regards to 32 to 64 bit OS, in my case when i tried it all i got was trouble.
the host (renoise in this case) need to be a 64 bit application in order to give the plugs more memory.

Even if Renoise would be 64-bit, none of your 32-bit plugs would work anylonger without a solution like JBridge, and i think you only shifting the real problem to another corner in the shuffle-puzzle rather than solving it actually.
It’s a Cat’s and Mouse game.