Loading failed with the error: Invalid zip file!


I’ve been working on a song cutting up several long audio samples. There was an alert box last time I tried to save the .xrns file. Then, now when I try to open the .xrns file in Renoise, it says:

Loading failed with the error: Invalid zip file!.

I have the save file intact, that can be opened on a zip folder, with the sample data and Song.xml. If anyone can help me out, I’ll recompense you through PayPal. Thank you.

If you send the file to us via support @ rns or via a PM we can try repairing it for you.

If you’re on windows, you can try using this https://www.winzip.com/ or https://www.winrar.com/ to repair the XRNS song. Simply rename the XRNS file to something.zip before repairing.

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