Loading Instruments or Presets via Midi or Automation

I’d like to use Redux in a live performance scenario, and would like to have different instruments for each song. Is there a way for me to load different instruments or presets by sending some kind of message?

I think right now you need to have more instances of redux in your daw of choice for every instrument you want to use live (never used them, but would aliases work here?), or do some preparation and make one super duper live instrument where you collect all the sounds/modulations/effects you want?

If with presets you mean phrases, you can map these across teh keyboard in the keymap tap.

Bummer, I assumed as much, but wanted to see if I was missing something. I’d rather not have the overhead of multiple instances, and nobody wants to be clicking thru GUIs on their laptop while they are performing.Thought about it a little, and I don’t think I actually need to load a whole new preset, just new keymaps.

I like using Ableton as my host during performances. Here’s the scenario I was imagining:

Drum phrases on octave 1, bass on octave 2, etc etc. I trigger a clip that sends program changes or any other kind of midi message or automation, Redux loads a new keymap, and now those same keys trigger a new set of phrases that pertain to the next song in my set. The notes on the keyboard are consistent function/instrument wise, so I don’t need to memorize everything on a per song basis.NI Reaktor’s snapshots are a good example of the kind of functionality I mean (no need to morph though heh).

Just an idea. Got Redux a couple of days ago, been enjoying it so much I really wanna work it in!

I don’t think I actually need to load a whole new preset, just new keymaps.

Drum phrases on octave 1, bass on octave 2, etc etc.

So, we are talking about roughly the same sounds being used from song to song, but different riffs, melodies?

If you create a unique instances of Redux for each “element” (bass, drums etc.), and define a split keyboard in Ableton you, you could switch phrases on the fly but independently of one another. Much more easy and flexible to work with than trying to squeeze everything into a single Redux preset…
So, for instance you would load up program #1 for song #1, program #2 for song #2, etc. It should be pretty straightforward to enter a program change at the beginning of the song (I’m assuming that your songs are all contained within a single Live project?)

Also, those program changes are pretty easy to set up with most MIDI controllers, so you could switch between phrases during the course of each song.

Thanks for the response, I think just limiting my horizons a bit will work out best actually heh. I’ve really been enjoying creating simple phrases, setting them up on a keymap, and creating complex polyrhythms by layering phraseslive. Mapping different sets of phrases to octaves + a couple of instances on different midi channels is more than enough to keep me occupied for ages.