Loading .mp3 samples

Hi, maybe this is a stupid question but I have googled and searched this forum and nobody seems to have the same problem.
Whenever I want to load a sample into renoise, I get this error:

Sorry, maximum supported sample channel count is 2!

It used to work perfectly until yesterday.
Any help is appreciated, thanks.
edit; i use renoise 2.8

Did you installed a new audioplayer or did your default audioplayer/codec engine got updated recently?
Renoise uses the system library to decode Mp3 samples.
Also which platform are you using?

I use Win XP. I might have installed some sketchy program to convert some movies, which included some audio related stuff but to be honest my knowledge about it is very limited. I have uninstalled all that though but the problem remains.
Thanks for the quick answer.

You perhaps might have to download the original Windows decoder (downloading the Mediaplayer codec pack) to restore the old decoders. Renoise uses either those or the quicktime decoders, it doesn’t come with a native decoder (for financial license matters).