Loading Newer Version Renoise Files In Older Renoise

i have 2.5. There’s no where in there you can save it was an older file to run on say, renoise 1.8? I tried changing it to .mod but that didn’t work


Renoise modules are not compatible with previous versions of renoise. You possibly can hack them to load by manually editing the XML.

no I mean, a newer renoise version of the song into an older version of renoise.

That’s what I said.

Song made in 2.5 won’t load in 2.0

It’s possible to make it work with some exceptions (some devices don’t work) by modifying the XML file.

It’s unlikely it will work very well for 1.8 though. Cause this one has totally different timing.

I’ve seen this come up before on the forum. Politely speaking, why would you want to open a new file in an old program? Just curious, that’s all. GUI nostalgia? :blink:

ohyeah lol :wub:

ahright ok, thanks

I can think of one answer (does not apply in this case):
I have an warez version of 2.0 and want to render a song i made in 2.5

But 2.5 won’t load in 1.8 and with hacking, i doubt it will still load: 1.8 doesn’t have the matrix and a few devices and as said: a different timing schedule.

Alpha tester friend, sent me OMG.xrns written with ReRenoise the retro throwback version that has CTX, (coretex to xrns == compose without wires) He told me it looks just like noisetrekker even though he says you can’t actually see it more than it’s just there in your head. (my layman’s expression not his) and it’s release is so far off in the future, version numbers don’t even matter or even exist anymore and the only plausible way of letting me see the xrns would be to go to the doctor and have a piece of my brain removed afterwards.
But now I can’t remember ever having seen it.

you’d need to alter the .xml file so that it would load in 1.8 again.
that said, altering the xml to fit it to 1.8 standards is a hell of a work.

get yourself an xml editor and off you go!

If you or somebody you know has the newer version, you can open up both copies of renoise side by side and copy pattern by pattern. It’s kinda slow, but you can at least use the “copy whole pattern” function from the advanced edit menu. I had to do this when I accidentally saved an SDCompo entry in a beta version of Renoise…

I can tell you.

I dont have the money to buy a 2.5 licence right now. So i loaded my song and fooled around with the 2.5 and finished the song (almost).

oh yea, forgot the most important part.

Since i overwrote my orginal track, im doomed right now and cannot edit / load it in my old version (means: no render).

Now you know…

record the audio output of your soundcard?

I really wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll get two extra layers of awful consumer quality digital conversion.


what I actually meant was recording it internally. I can’t do it with mine (or I just can’t figure out how), but I take it that a lot of soundcards/drivers allow to select their own output as the recording input.

I mean, it’s just for one song, and unless stuff changed that’s a perfectly fine thing to do, morally… and if you stay in the digital domain, it’s even permissible acustically ^^