Loading Raw Audio In Stereo

It’s nice to have the options we do when loading raw audio files. But there is no option for stereo.

I know this may seem silly, since by definition “raw” has no standard format. But take my current problem as an example. The raw sample I want to load is 48kHz 16bit stereo, and when loading it with the proper options I see this:

Looking up close, it seems like each sample alternates channels from the previous, so they end up interleaved as LRLRLRLR…

If there’s no way to load this properly in Renoise, can anyone suggest a tool for turning this into a normal wav file? Another option would be to skip every other byte, so that I end up with a sample that is monaural but sounds correct.

O me o my I found a way. I will write it here so others can know too.

I used FFmpeg to convert the file using a command like this:

ffmpeg -f s16le -ac 2 -ar 48000 -i "C:\original.raw" "C:\new.wav"  

Explanation of the switches:
-f s16le means the original format is 16-bit little endian (dunno what the “s” stands for)
-ac 2 means the number of audio channels in the original is 2, i.e. stereo
-ar 48000 dictates the original sample rate
-i simply signals that the next parameter is the path to the input file

Then it can be loaded into Renoise/blah as usual. I hope this helps somebody someday, possibly someone on the moon.

Probably signed vs unsigned.

Yay, thanks dblue. That should be it.